John Selig,


Getting started with voice lessons is simple. The first thing we’ll do is set up a time to have what I like to call the ”Get to Know You Lesson,” a free, 30 minute meeting, held in my studio space, just outside of Union Square in Somerville.

Chris Martin,
Lead Singer of Scarlett Drive

Don’t worry, I know that everyone is at a different stage in their vocal development; there isn’t anything I haven’t seen when it comes to singing. You won’t surprise me!

During this lesson, I’ll evaluate your voice  and learn your goals as a singer. After getting a good understanding of your current vocal ability, I will lay out an effective
and efficient plan of action that will enable you to reach your vocal
aspirations as quickly as possible! It’s easy.

Sarah C.
LA Recording Artist

Once you’ve decided that taking lessons from me is going to be right for you, the next step is to discuss student policies and schedule a weekly lesson time. Meeting once a week is imperative for a singer’s consistent vocal development. Lessons are $75 and are one hour in length.

Becky S.
Singer Songwriter

One hour is the minimum for an adult voice lesson. Students under the age of fourteen are allowed half hour lessons if deemed necessary.

That’s it! Now it’s time for you to head over to my Contact page
and contact me. I’m looking
forward to hearing from you!