Brent Barlow is one of the best-known contemporary voice teachers in the Boston Area. For the last twenty years Brent has trained hundreds of professional and aspiring singers from New England and from around the World. Brent graduated from Northwestern University with a Master’s Degree in Music, specializing in Vocal Performance.

He has devoted his life to understanding and teaching the gift of singing. Best known for his study of the commercial singer’s voice, Brent has spent the last twenty some years not only teaching, but also performing Rock and Pop music. For eight years Brent sang leads in the now legendary underground Pop/Progressive Rock band, Slow Motion Driver.

Brent Barlow, Boston-area voice coach

Slow Motion Driver

But Brent’s knowledge of singing doesn’t stop there. Because of his strict and extensive classical vocal training, Brent is well versed in Musical Theater and Classical vocal techniques as well. He has performed professionally in numerous Operatic and Theater productions around the country.

Brent is also very well known for his talents in songwriting and musical arranging, and in a variety of different genres. Brent was the primary songwriter for Slow Motion Driver’s debut album, Liquid, released in 2008. In 1997 Brent wrote all of the incidental music and created all original scores for the songs in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, performed by the Yale School of Drama at Yale University.

In 2012 Brent arranged five songs for Jazz Singer Ana Julia Jatar’s EP.  In 2015 he arranged and produced numerous original and cover songs for Boston based RnB singer, Melissa Jane.  Brent continues to arrange and produce songs for local talent in the Boston area. Currently Brent is at work on a new solo project due out in 2016.  Aside from teaching singing, songwriting and music production, Brent is the Contemporary Musical Director at Old West United Methodist Church in Boston, MA.